Client Testimonials

Dear FRS,

From the initial phone call to our prompt arrival, you were quick and professional. You began the clean up process immediately. Couldn’t have been better… The goals explained to us were well covered.

Basically, all of our questions were handled well and we were pretty much on the same page through the entire ordeal. We have nothing but praise for First Response Services and their folks. We would definitely recommend them in any kind of disaster.

Larry Porter

First Response Team,

This was the first time I had ever needed the services of a company such as yours. You came highly recommended and measured up to all of our expectations. Your team kept me informed on every step of the process and explained in terms we could understand. All of our questions were answered in an extremely understandable and practical way to our complete satisfaction. Should the opportunity arise, I will highly recommend your company.

Curtis Moorman

Dear Dale and Crew,

Thank you for all your great work, not to mention a bit of moral support here and there.  You turned a miracle at our home.

When I initially saw all the damage– the collapsed ceilings, the water and the mold growing up the woodwork– I was fransfixed in disbelief.  When reality set in, I had no idea where to begin, until my father’s insurance agency passed along your number.  They told me that your company was very good.  They weren’t completely accurate…you were Great!

You transformed the nightmare into a new house– literally.   Thank you, Dale, and thank you to THE BEST RESTORATION TEAM IN MIDDLE GEORGIA.  You are the best.


Joan Lasecki

To Everyone,

We want to thank you for all your help and patience putting up with us.  It was not easy, but we all made it through it.  I would highly recommend First Response Services.  Thank so much for everything you did.

Randall and Sharon Dodd

We just wanted to thank everyone from your company who had a part in restoring the damage to our home.  In a time when our world seemed to be upside down, your friendly staff walked us through it.  Thank you for being so professional and kind.

John and Wendi Johnson