Water Damage Macon GA

First Response Services is a local water damage Macon GA restoration company that can respond to your emergencies 24/7. When you have water damage in Macon GA you want to call a company that is familiar with the local area and can get there fast to help prevent any additional damage to your home.

It can be hard to track the water in your home after a pipe break, water leak or any other type of water restoration because water can get under the floorboards, and follow the path of least resistant to weird parts of the house. For this reason, you should hire a professional to evaluate the suspected affected areas and test for moisture in your home to find additional wet spots.

Water Restoration Process

  • Initial Inspection – Once you discover you have water or mold damage in your home, contact a restoration professional. First Response Services will utilize our expertise and moisture detecting devices o track how far the water spread and how much damage you have.
  • Contacting Insurance – Once you have water damage to your home in Macon you should contact your insurance agent to file a claim to begin the restoration process.
  • Water Removal – First Response Services has portable water extractors and can remove water fast from your home.
  • Material Removal – Some materials in your home (furniture, carpet, flooring) can be dried in place, some of it needs to be moved away from the affected areas, and some building materials need to be removed because it is too damaged.
  • Drying – We have commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers to dry your home as fast as possible.
  • Water Damage Repairs – After the building materials in your home has been removed and your home is dried, the repair process is next. First Response Services is a general contractor and can manage your restoration project from beginning to end.

First Response Services is your go-to restoration process in Macon.

water damage macon ga

Water Damage Restoration Services

  • Moisture Thermal Inspection – Inspect potential areas you think might have water damage in your home.
  • Water Extraction – Water removal with portable extractors. Can easily get in out of all areas of your home or business quickly extracting water.
  • Structure House Drying – Fast drying with XL dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers, hardwood floor drying system and more.
  • Air Quality Scrubbing – While removing wet materials in your home, particles, debris, and other items can get airborne and need to be filtered so the air quality is good during and after the project and so we don’t cross-contaminate other parts of your home.
  • Building Material Removal – After your home gets wet, there is a chance many items need to be removed; carpet, pad, baseboard, etc.
  • Contents Handling & Cleaning – When you have water in your home you don’t want your contents and personal belonging sitting in the water, that can cause additional damage that may not be covered by insurance. We will make sure we put your furniture on blocks, move the contents away from the affected areas and protect your home and belongings with protective plastic.
  • Water Damage Repairs – First Response is a full-service restoration company, that means that after your home is dried and often torn apart, we can do all the repairs under one roof and one seamless process never slowing down the water damage project.

Macon Restoration Services

First Response Services performs fire and water damage restoration services in Macon GA for both residential and commercial facilities. No project is too small or too big for us, we have the expertise and equipment to complete any job. There are many benefits to hiring a professional restoration services company in Macon, GA.

  • A restoration services company is familiar with working with insurance. A restoration company will make sure you get the correct scope of work completed and be able to communicate to your insurance adjuster.
  • First Response Services is properly insured for all services we offer.
  • First Response Services is a full-service restoration company, we can handle a project from the water damage cleanup process to the repair and put back in one seamless process.
  • Most restoration services offer 24/7 emergency services, this greatly helps you as the homeowner to respond fast and help minimize damage.

First Response Services responds to water damage emergencies 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you need an immediate response to clean up water call our 24 hotline at (478) 923-5777. If you’re looking for more information on insurance and the restoration process, visit the Insurance Information Institute.

Macon GA

With an exciting musical heritage, picturesque architecture, and a rich historical past, the best sights and activities in Macon, Georgia are the city itself. Marvel at the city’s Civil War era and Antebellum architectural masterpieces, or get your groove on behind mushroom-covered gates of a Southern Rock landmark. Macon’s historic undertones help to harmonize any family vacation, and with attractions and custom tours offering a look into the city’s 17,000-year history. As one of the greatest historic cities of the American South, Macon is home to 6,000 National Register historic structures in 14 historic districts.