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Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

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The thought of a sewage backup is a nightmare for homeowners and is one of the worst types of water damage. Whether the sewage loss is caused by a clogged drain or a surplus of rain, you should act quickly to have the water extracted and the entire area remediated and disinfected. Sewage water is, hands down, the worst type of water to leak into your home or business. The water is full of harmful bacteria and can be hazardous to your health. Similar to other water losses, a sewage backup can cause structural and permanent cosmetic damages, in addition, to harmful mold growth. The water alone can carry mold, bacteria, fungus, and other harmful microorganisms into the home and infect you and your loved ones. 

Sewage Damage Restoration Process

First Response Services of GA is your trusted sewage cleanup restoration company. We offer 24/7 around the clock emergency sewage cleanup services. No matter the day or time, we will send a team of water damage restoration technicians to your property to inspect the damages and begin the sewage cleanup process.

We begin ever sewage cleanup process with an initial assessment of the damages. This assessment will allow our team to gain a better understanding of the scope of the damages and create a specialized removal plan, specifically created for the case at hand.

Once we have completed the initial assessment of the damages, we will begin extracting all water from the affected areas. To do so, we will use pumps and specialized vacuums to extract as much of the contaminated water as possible.

In a sewage water loss, any items that have been exposed to the water must be removed. Thus, after completing the extraction process, our team will remove all affected contents. This may include carpets, carpet pads, drywall, insulation, ceilings, and personal items that have been contaminated. In most cases, furniture that has been affected by the water loss will need to be disposed of to ensure all contaminants are removed from the property.

After the contaminated contents have been removed from the property, our team will begin the drying and dehumidifying process. To achieve this, commercial-grade air-movers and dehumidifiers will be placed throughout the affected areas. The warm, dry air will completely dry the affected areas and eliminate the risk of secondary damages, like mold growth. This step could take days to weeks to complete, depending on the sewage loss, but our team will keep a close eye on the damages in order to provide the fastest drying time possible.

When the affected areas are fully dried and have been double-checked with a moisture meter, we will begin cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the damages. Our team will use the industry’s best cleaning agents to prevent the risk of growing mold, bacteria, parasites, or other harmful microorganisms. We will also deodorize all of the salvageable materials to remove and sewage odors.

The last step in the sewage cleanup process is to reconstruct and restore the property back to the original state, prior to the sewage backup. This process may include replacing carpets or other floorings, replacing drywall, insulation, cabinetry, or other affected contents that were previously removed. The restoration process could be as little as replacing the carpet in a small room, to reconstructing the entire main level of a home.

24/7 Emergency Sewage Cleanup

The 3 Categories Of Contaminated Water

Clean Water

Category 1, or clean water, comes from a clean source – like a bust, clean water pipe, or a leak from the toilet tank. The water is harmless at first, but it can quickly turn to category 2 or 3 the longer it remains untreated.

category 1 water

Gray Water

Category 2, or gray water has an increased level of contaminates and could cause health complications of discomfort if consumed. Gray water is typically the result of a washing machine or dishwasher overflow, or a toilet overflow containing only urine. Like clean water, if the loss is left untreated, the water can quickly turn to a category 3 loss.

category 2 water

Black Water

Category 3, or black water, is the most contaminated and harmful category of water. Exposure to the water can cause severe discomfort and in some cases, has lead to death. All contact with black water should be prohibited. This type of water may enter the home through flooding from rivers or streams, an overflowing toilet with feces, or a sewage backup. 

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Causes Of A Sewage Water Loss

Dangers Of A Sewage Backup

Sewage backups will not only release an awful odor throughout the entire but will also contaminate all items the water comes in contact with and will threaten health and wellness. If exposed to the water, individuals may contract serious and sometimes, life-threatening illnesses. The harmful bacteria that infest sewer water should be avoided at all costs. If you have a sewage backup on your property, quickly call First Response Services, and we will immediately send a sewage backup expert to the property to inspect and clean up the damages.