Water Damage Restoration

Water travels to the least resistant spot in your home, sometimes making it difficult to detect water damage. First Response Services is your local family owned water damage restoration company. Performing water removal and drying for your home or business. No job is too small or big for us. We have certified water damage restoration technicians on staff and a live operator taking your emergency calls 24/7. If you don’t respond quickly when discovering water damage you can actually cause extensive secondary damage to your home. We respond to water damage emergencies in Warner Robins, Macon GA and surround areas.




Water Damage Restoration Extraction.

If you don’t respond to water damage immediately and start extracting any standing water, saturated carpet or remove wet drywall you can have mold growth within 48 hours.

hardwood floor drying first response services warner robins ga

If you haven’t had cupping yet on your hardwood floors it is very possible for First Response Services to save your hardwood floors. We have specialized equipment that allows us to draw the moisture from underneath the floor boards and dry your hardwood floor in place.

water damage restoration moisture detection

First Response Services uses a thermal camera to help detect water damage areas in your home. The thermal camera measures temperature in the building materials of your home detecting which is colder than others. If your ceiling is much colder in a specific area for example, there is a good chance you may have water damage.

water damage restoration documentation

Proper documentation is important when dealing with insurance. This is why First Response Services take proper measurements, drying logs, pictures and much more on every single job.

structure drying warner robins macon ga

In order to dry your home correctly you need the right equipment and expertise. At First Response Services we have specialized equipment that allows us to dry behind walls, underneath floor boards, large scale drying and other specialties.

carpet-cleaning first response services warner robins ga

After a water damage restoration project there are many times First Response Services is able to save your carpet. However your carpet typically needs to be cleaned afterwards. We have the capability to dry your home and then clean your carpets.

book document drying first response services

Your home has many important books and documents you don’t want ruined. If these documents do get damaged in a water damage loss you can count on First Response Services to properly dry and restore (if salvageable) the documents and return them to you.

water damage restoration containment setup first response georgia

When your home or business has water damage you want to protect it from the rest of the structure so you don’t cross contaminate other space in your home. First Response Services will professionally put up containment barriers between the affected areas in your home and non affected.

water damage restoration contents-handling warner robins ga

Your home is full of very valuable items. This is why we train our certified technicians on how to handle your prized possessions. If any of your contents is damaged due to water damage, First Response Services can restore them at our cleaning facility.

iicrc certified firm

IICRC Certified Firm

The ANSI/IICRC S500-2015 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration is a procedural standard. It is based on reliable restoration principles, research and practical experience. In addition, there has been extensive consultation and information obtained from numerous sources. Learn more here.