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Carpet Water Damage in Powersville GA

First Response Services recently restored a home with water damage Powersville GA. The owners of the property went on vacation, and upon returning, noticed a squishing sound when they walked across the carpet. Much to their dismay, the carpet was saturated, as was one of the walls. Today, we walk you through our response.

The Water Damage Powersville Details

It turns out, a pipe had broken in the kitchen while they were away. This particular pipe ran water from the crawlspace to the kitchen sink, routed beside the living room, so when it broke, water leaked everywhere. Not only was the carpet saturated, there were several inches of standing water in the crawlspace.

While this is an unfortunate situation, the homeowners knew to act quickly. They called us and were happy to learn that their homeowner’s insurance policy recommended FRSGA as a preferred provider.

Our Water Restoration Response

Upon arrival to this water damage Powersville job, we stopped the leak, inspected the premises, and began drying the crawlspace. This proved to be one of the more difficult aspects of the water restoration process. To accomplish this feat, we brought in pumps, blowers to circulate the air, and dehumidifiers in remove moisture from the air.

We removed a waterlogged portion of the carpet. Throughout the water damage Powersville cleanup process, our crew maintained thorough documentation for the insurance company. This allowed for quick processing of the claim and for water damage repairs to be completed soon after.

In the water damage repair portion of the water damage Powersville cleanup, we replaced cupboards, plumbing, a wall, as well as the cut out carpet. Making the most of what was originally a stressful situation, the homeowners decided to make a few changes, swapping out the carpet color for a new one.

FRSGA Helps Your Through Water Damage Powersville GA

If you are experiencing flooding or water damage in your Powersville GA home or business, give us a call. We respond 24/7/365 to save your space and belongings.