water damage Eastman

Restoring Water Damaged Homes in Eastman GA

When you have water damage Eastman GA, you’ve come to the right place. First Response Services responds 24/7, showing up on-scene quickly to prevent secondary damages and start the water restoration process. Not only do we handle the entire process from start to finish, our team can also assist with your insurance company to keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

Common Locations to Find Water Damage Eastman

Unfortunately, water leaks happen nearly anywhere around the house. Pipes, appliances, and other water lines are present in places you probably hadn’t considered. Basements, closets, garages, and attics can all fall prey to water damage Eastman.

No matter the origin of the leak, moisture can quickly spread through the property, soak through wood and building materials, and ruin insulation, drywall, carpet, and other components of the structure.

Depending on the location of the leak, the water may cause damage for hours, day, weeks, or even longer before being noticed. An attic or crawlspace leak may go even longer undetected as these spaces are challenging to access.

What to Do When You Find Water Damage Eastman

When you find water damage Eastman, you have to act fast. Here’s how to respond to salvage your space and belongings:

  • Stop the leak.
  • Call a professional restoration company.
  • Contact your insurance adjuster.
  • Do not enter rooms with standing water.
  • If a relatively small amount, try blotting and soaking up as much water as possible.
  • Remove belongings from the water.
  • Do not use water damaged electronics.
  • Open drawers, doors, and windows to promote air circulation.

FRS Makes Quick Cleanup of Water Damage

As water restoration service professionals and licensed general contractors, FRSGA is always here to help. Call us 24/7 for water damage cleanup in Eastman GA and surrounding areas.