how to spot water damage in your home

How To Spot Water Damage In Your Home

There are many instances when you have a slow leak in your home that you don’t notice it until you have visible water damage. However, there are many things to keep an eye out for to learn how to spot water damage in your home. When you know the key signs of water damage, you can catch these slow leaks and other accidents early to prevent further damage to your home.

Key Signs of Water Damage

Feel for soft spots – Does the floor sag a bit when you walk next to the shower? Do you see water stains around the toilet or bathtub? Those are signs that water could have gotten into the floor and is causing the wood to rot.

Look for rust – A rusted tank on your hot water heater could indicate a slow leak. Also check the water heater for sediment.

Step outside – Walk outside the house and look at the foundation. Is the yard landscaped for proper drainage, or does water pool next to the house? Check outlet hoses and drains if there are any, and make sure they are in good working order.

Inspect the roof – Missing shingles, pools of water, damaged flashing, or signs of wind damage could make your roof vulnerable to leaks. Have the roof and attic thoroughly inspected before taking the plunge and buying that house.

Cabinets – If you see the cabinets are warping, have signs of rot, delamination,  or the finish is bubbling are all signs of potential water damage.

Ceiling – Do you see some discoloration, sagging, or bubbling on your ceiling? You could have an ongoing leak with a pipe above the ceiling.

Floors – Sometimes water can get underneath the flooring by a refrigerator like break, dishwasher, or sink leak and cause discolored grout, stains/water marks, warped, soft, spongy, lose tiles.

Wood Floors – When water gets on hardwood floors you don’t have much time before you begin to see cupping or crowning on your hardwood floor.

Smell – Water sitting somewhere can start to create an odor. Old, accumulated water from leaky pipe tends to leave a mildew type smell.

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